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Scandalous, Episode 9



Episode 9 by Mina Khan




Damn, she was beautiful. Her gaze heavy with desire, her mouth soft with want. Abby flicked out her pink tongue and fluttered the tip around his left nipple.

Reed jolted. A strangled groan escaped him.

She flashed him a delighted smile and gently nipped his other nipple, almost making him burst out of his pants. “Careful darlin’or you’ll have me lose control,” he said, his voice a raspy grate.

“Would that be bad?” She looked up with wide hazel eyes. Her full lips parted.

He could imagine those lips wrapped around his hard cock. Her mouth would be warm and soft. So tempting. He sighed. But not yet.

“We’d have to start the all over again,” he said with a short laugh. “Not that I mind. I do want to take time with you, savor you,” his words came out on a smoky whisper. “But tonight, now, we need to cement the bond.”

“Right.” Disappointment flashed in her eyes, made him feel like a well-worn heel.

He pulled her up until she stood facing him, and he could look her in the eye. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

She stared at him for a long moment, then nodded.

Reed swept Abby up into his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down gently so that her ebony curls fanned out over the pillow.

He grabbed the lapels of her silky blouse and ripped the thing apart. Vampire strength definitely had its perks. She gasped. Quickly and efficiently he had her bra unhooked and pulled off, leaving her beautiful breasts free. Her dusky nipples pointed up, begging for attention.

She turned her head away then, baring her neck to him. Reed lay down next to her, brushed his knuckles down the curve of her face. “Oh, Sitara, you’re exquisite.”

Abby moaned when he grazed her skin with his incisors. Her pulse pounded just beneath like a siren call. He placed his mouth on her, tasted her on his tongue, sucked that sweet and salty skin.

“Oh Reed,” she whispered, quivering. A bolt of desire shot through him at her response.

Reed let his hand travel down to cup a full breast in his palm, he played with the nipple, rolling it between his thumb and fingers, pulling and teasing. She whimpered and squirmed, clutching at him.

Now. Reed let his fangs extend and sank them into her soft flesh. She cried out, stiffened for a moment, and then melted against him. Her blood tasted sweet and rich, intoxicating. For a moment, he lost himself in her. All of a sudden, she turned rigid in her arms.

Panicked, Reed disengaged and looked at her. Abby’s body arched into a frozen bow. Her eyes were glazed, but not with pleasure nor pain, but an otherworldly distance. Unease prickled across his skin. “Sitara, Abby, what’s wrong?”

Her head rotated towards him, trapping him in her unseeing gaze. “They’ll be here soon,” she said in an eerie and emotionless tone. “Mr. X and his mercenaries. He’s angry. So angry.”


Scandalous, Episode 8



Episode 8 by Valerie Twombly




Abby paced the worn carpet and hardly took note of the tray of food that was left on the table for her. She’d answered their damn questions. Submitted to their stinking blood tests too and was beginning to feel like a pincushion. The door flung open, and Reed’s broad shoulders blocked the light from the hall.

“Well? Don’t stand there gawking at me. Did I pass?” Her last nerve was strung so tight it was likely to snap at any second.

He slipped in and closed the door behind him, turning the lock. “Oh you passed. The CHC is most pleased with my choice. We are to bond immediately.”

She cocked a brow and jabbed her hands on her hips. “Here? Now?” she looked around. How the hell had she missed the bed? Well now this just feels dirty.

“I like dirty. Most especially from you.” He grinned and flashed a hint of fang and she stifled a moan.

“You really need to stay out of my head. It’s rude. Besides…what about Mr. X?” She couldn’t tear her gaze from his fingers as he slowly––painfully slow to be exact––pulled at the buttons on his shirt until he exposed an expansive chest and an eight-pack of abs. “Umm…shit.” She dug her nails into her palms to keep from tracing her fingertips over every peak and valley.

Reed chuckled and tossed his shirt to the floor as he stalked toward her. “Darlin’, Mr. X is being hunted as I speak.”

“What? I don’t understand.” She took a step back, her progress halted when she bumped the bed.

“You really think you can keep his name a secret from me?” He unbuckled his belt then slipped the button through its hole and lowered the zipper.

She swallowed.

“Nervous darlin’?” His mouth twitched, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to slap him or kiss him. Kissing was preferable.

As if reading her mind, and he likely was…he stepped closer, leaned in and nuzzled her neck. She stiffened, waiting for the bite; instead he flicked out his tongue and traced a line downward until he reached that one little spot. The one that caused her lips to part on a moan, and heat to flood her sex. Even her nipples hardened into painful points and for a moment she forgot her name.

He slid his hands along her arms, to her hips, and then slipped them under her blouse. The skin on skin contact sent a jolt of energy coursing through her. “Damn,” she sighed.

He lifted his mouth to her ear. “Imagine how it will feel when I part your silky thighs and bury my cock deep inside you,” he whispered.

“Is it getting hot in here?” Desire so raw claimed her body and she caved to it. Leaning forward, she kissed his chest. Inhaled his musky scent until her mouth watered.

Scandalous-continued episode 7



Episode 7 by Chanta Rand




Reed’s mouth salivated at the thought of bonding with Abby. Bonding was more pleasurable than sex. He didn’t want to do this sacred act just to possess her body and mind. He wanted to do it to ensure his legacy.

He relished licking a woman’s smooth skin from earlobe to ankle. Stroking her hot, supple flesh. Sinking his fangs into the tender meat of her breasts. He indulged all of his hedonistic whims, but there were times he grew bored with his lifestyle. For over a year, he’d been looking to settle down.

With Abby’s reputation and his powers, their bonding would be like two powerhouses uniting. They could be equals, their blood oath signifying their fidelity and dependency to each other.

Abby’s full lips dropped open. “You want to control me?”

He stroked her cheek. “I don’t think anyone could control you, woman.”

“Stop it,” she snapped. Anger flashed across her dark irises as she pulled away. “I know what a blood bond is.”

He shook his head. “There’s more to it than what you’re thinking.”

“Goddammit! Stop reading my mind.”

“When you bond with me, you’ll have powers too. Our children can have powers—greater than what you have now. Greater than you could ever imagine.”

She turned away. He was taking a huge risk revealing what he wanted, instead of just taking it or tricking her into it. Since the Dark Ages when rogue vampires had viciously bred on humans and forced them to produce heirs, vampires had been given a bad name. What he wanted to do wasn’t bad. It was survival.

It was time he started thinking of his heirs. His family’s power was waning. Bubba was a full-grown child, hiding from responsibility as though it was an STD that would grab him by the dick and never let go. Willard was too easily manipulated by alcohol, drugs, and the first piece of pussy that had come along—Anita.

“What is your answer, Abby? You need me and I need you.”

He never thought he’d make that admission to any woman. But, Abby ‘Sitara the Seer’ was the perfect blood partner. He knew they would have a son. Already, the hemoglobin indicator on the Vitae machine told him Abby was the one. But, he didn’t need blinking lights and buttons to know that. His body was hot with desire for her. He heard the blood rushing through her plump veins whenever she looked in his direction. His dick hardened at the thought of sliding in and out of her milky sweetness.


“Fine.” She pinned him with a venomous glare. She wasn’t happy about the terms, but she would thank him later. He was giving her the gift of immortality. There was only one way to do that.

She had to face the Coven High Council.

“Let’s go,” he ordered.

Her dark eyes narrowed. “Where are you taking me?”

Even though she protested, he felt her disappointment. She wanted him to keep her in this room. Fall prey to her womanly charms. Taste the saltiness of her body fluids. He towered over her, his eyes flicking down at her cleavage. Were her nipples the same dusky color as her eyes?

He growled, and then took a deep breath to calm his raging libido. He had to make this raven-haired beauty his soon. “I want you to meet some people at the CHC,” he said. “I’m hesitant to proceed without their approval.”

She smirked. “Take me to your leader. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner you can help me.”